Juggling-Therapy is going on Sport Training

The juggling therapy project, which has been active for nearly 10 years, had the credit to recognize and affirm the practice of juggling as a powerful rehabilitation tool for patients that suffer of psychiatric diseaes.

In the past years, J-t experiences allowed to appreciate the results highlighted in clinical practice. A series of scientific studies have demonstrated the consequences of learning juggling in human brain.

Juggling enhances the area of ​​motion prediction, an area that many athletes need to develop to improve their performance in sports such as Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Boxe, badmington...
It is therefore possible to apply Sport-Specific exercises and Role-Specific exercises inside the training course of the athletes to train the mind harmoniously with the body.
For a few months, there have been active sperimentations with football goalkeepers in collaboration with great professionals, including the Italian youth national football team's goalkeeper Coach Davide Quironi, Emanuele Maggiani, the "Lupa Roma" goalkeeper coach and the "Imparando Foowel goalkeepers School"

Juggling-Therapy Sport Specific is arousing interest in the top class sport training because the scientific studies that support it are the most authoritative studies that have demonstrated neuronal plasticity.
If you are interested in a scientific brain training for sports feel free to contact us: antonio.caggioni@juggling-therapy.com

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