Juggling-Therapy experience in Bergamo

Year: 2013
Who: Antonio Caggioni
Where: Italy - Bergamo - Emilia Bosis Foundation- Psychiatric Day care center

During the year 2013 the juggling-therapy was proposed in a day care center of Bergamo (Italy) at the Emilia Bosis foundation. The group consisted of 11 guests between 30 and 50 years with different psychiatric diseases.
The activity is carried out with weekly meetings lasting 45 minutes. The main objective was to stimulate body expression and coordination.
We started the construction of the materials that would be used for the activities during the first meetings.
The other meetings were following the same structure divided into three different phases:
-Heating and muscle relax
-Simple juggling exercises
-Relax and greetings.

This together with the use of the same music in every meeting has helped to create a setting that was known by the guests and within which they could find a space of expressiveness through the body using the relationship established with the objects of juggling.
The activity was appreciated by the guests and the participation was constant. Recall that the guests voluntarily attend this day care center  and voluntarily participate in activities.
Juggling-therapy was also a way to propose physical activity that might be more appealing than classical activity of gymnastics already present in the center. Juggling is a dynamic activity that takes place in constant motion, also working on balance and coordination.

We had started with meetings 1 hour hour that were assessed too challenging for the guests involved, we then reduced the duration to 45 minutes.

Along the way were taught to guests also teaching techniques of juggling, so that they could propose to teach friends and that they could use at parties organized by the foundation to offer workshops to children.

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